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Di Kaye Artwork produces high quality original Art Deco style artwork, open and limited edition prints and high quality greetings cards. Di designs all her own Art Deco Fashion plates which are then reproduced in superb high quality images. You can order Art Deco originals, Art Deco prints or Art Deco greetings cards on-line using our shopping basket system. Or contact us directly on 01780 480809 for details or dikayeartwork@aol.com.


Please check our Information Page for details of the Shows we shall be attending this year  

Di's favourite is the Art Deco period from the 1920's through to the 1930's. The Art Deco period captured the "Age of Elegance" and Di has designed and produced Artwork Fashion Plates to reflect the times. However, the figures have been "smoothed" to soften the harsh angularity of the faces. This has produced fine original examples of the Art Deco style which would fit into the surroundings of any house.

The Art Deco Gallery consists of Fashion Plates of Ladies in Evening Dresses, Hats and also walking their dogs.