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Updated 25th April 2015

Welcome to Di Kaye Art Deco Artwork and our 2015 schedule. Di Kaye Artwork is a small Cottage Industry. Working from home, Di produces the Art Deco artwork, and her partner, Peter (me!), ensures that the business runs smoothly, and is responsible for getting the orders out on time as well as keeping this website updated, so if anything is wrong, I get the blame! We've updated the "All Originals" Gallery to try to get a better representation on screen of what the original artwork looks like, but it still can't compare with the real thing! Try and catch us at a Show or e-mail us at dikayeartwork@aol.com.


We have drastically reduced the price of the Card Making CDs to £7.50 each!

If you call you'll speak to either one of us. Contact Numbers are 01780 480809 (for Di at Home) or 07931 556588 which is my mobile and constantly attached to my hip!

Here we go again in 2015 exploring new places and re-visiting favourites over the past few years.
The Cafepress on-line shop is still producing quality work and is a useful addition to our prints and cards. You can choose your design and have it professionally printed on to a T-shirt, Tote Bag or Mug! www.cafepress.com/dikaye for details or click the banner below

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Upcoming Shows 2015




9-12th Americana at Loughborough, Vintage Clothes etc and a few paintings with us


7th-9th August, Newbury Retro Festival,


Los Angeles Art DEco Festival on board the Queen Mary





Peter, 25th April 2015

We supply prints direct to the trade. Please contact us for a price list. Prices do not include postage and packing, but are free from the dreaded VAT. Through our links with Paypal, we can accept orders using most credit cards or debit cards. Or you can call Peter and he can accept payment over the telephone by Visa, Mastercard, Switch etc. You can also pay with a UK Cheque.

Who is Di Kaye?

Di is a professional artist, based in the pretty Georgian town of Stamford in Lincolnshire. As a "Cottage Industry", Di paints at home but the house has been adapted to provide a studio for painting and rooms for printing, framing, packing, shipping and storing her work as well as an office to keep up with the growing paperwork!

Having served an apprenticeship as a Graphics Designer with a textile printers (before the days of computers when art had to be created and drawn!), she put her talent to good use when bringing up four young children. Being at home meant that she could snatch a couple of hours a day to concentrate on her artwork, which was a useful way to raise extra income for family holidays.

When the children "flew the nest" Di expanded the work by commencing a Botanical Art Course and was told by the instructor that "this is where your true talents lie!" As her fine brushwork and attention to detail were already apparent in her earlier works, the instructor was forced to admit after 3 sessions, that he was unable to add anything to Di's knowledge, as she had already out stripped not only the class, but his own work!

Not disheartened, she continued to paint holding several successful exhibitions in Lincolnshire and the West Midlands. The demands of her growing family, especially grandchildren, stretched her talents to designing on a larger scale, with complete playrooms and bedrooms. This led to numerous requests for "fairies" and looking at the market, Di realised that although there was a surfeit of children's fairies, there was also a large adult interest. Starting off in her own style, Di began to paint "fairies" in an Art Nouveau style and took the first collection, with some trepidation, to a Craft Fair. The response from people of all ages and both sexes, was positive and encouraging and has led to the establishment of this collection. However, it was a visit to the Art Deco Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London 3 years ago that was to be the turning point. Di came back inspired and started an "Art Deco" gallery which is now the largest part of her collection. Not content with painting in watercolours, Di experimented with acrylic and other media to capture the true skin tones whilst painting on a black background. the addition of Crystal added to the sparkle and elegance of the Art deco period. Di provides original artwork to the Savoy Hotel in London, a true Art Deco hotel as well as small shops and department stores across the country